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Safeguarding personnel, hardware, software, networks and data from physical harm and natural disaster.

Physical security is the protection of personnel, hardware, software, networks and data from damaging physical harm and events. Safeguarding from theft, vandalism, terrorism, fire, flood and other natural disasters means avoiding unnecessary losses of time, money and resources. SorceTek offers layered solutions to keep personnel and your small business safe from physical harm.

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The physical security framework is made of three main components. Access control limits who has access to specific locations and digital information through measures such as ID badges, keypads, passwords, biometric scans, and numerous other options.

Surveillance involves both prevention and recovery from a physical breach. The most common type is the utilization of cameras, but can also refer to security guards, heat sensors and notification systems.

Testing means making sure your physical security works by testing disaster recovery plans and doing fire drills.


// Protect Personnel

// Prevent Loss

// Safeguard Assets

// Foster Client and Employee Trust


    Weather happens. Texas gets its fair share of blizzards, thunderstorms, hail, flooding and tornadoes.

    SorceTek can assess your location and site in order to lessen the degree of damage done in a severe weather situation. These could include adding fences or walls in order to create effective physical barriers.

    Additionally, we can recommend and implement fire safety protocols, and evaluate whether the building’s temperature and humidity settings are appropriate for your technology assets.

    a siren attached to a fence to show natural disaster security systems
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