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IT Services for Architecture Firm

Providing dependable storage and timely IT support so that you can stay competitive and run your Architectural Firm on your own terms. You architect the world, and we architecture managed IT services for architecture firms.



The architectural industry grows more reliant on technology as precise calculations and designs demand increasingly sophisticated, state-of-the-art systems. Your competitive edge requires IT managed services for architecture firms to implement systems that help you meet deadlines on a budget. Your data demands reliable storage large enough to store your designs, whether you’re in the field or in an office. Leave troubleshooting these systems to us so you can invest more attention into your latest bids and projects.

We at SorceTek, architecture managed IT services for your business including the development and optimization of technology solutions, IT support, optimization and maintenance of software and network hardware, operation and cybersecurity training for your staff, and more. We provide long-term technology plans to architecture firms in regard to IT managed services for architecture firms. It allows you to identify technical challenges and opportunities before they arise.


Network Design

Customize your technology infrastructure’s blueprints to serve your specific needs with our IT managed services for architecture firm. Routers? Switches? The entire network? Leave it all to use. We not only architecture managed IT services, but we will also help you design a business-grade network setup for sustainable and reliable network communication.

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Backup and Disaster Recovery

We mitigate threats and protect your assets with a prevention plan, which enables you to bounce back quickly from any possible breach. We also establish protocols and recovery systems against cyber-attacks or natural disasters.

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Hosted Solutions

Let experts maintain and keep your servers running to lessen your load. Hosted solutions also allow you to access your office systems from any other machine all over the globe no matter where you are. With Hosted VOIP you can access and use your office phone anywhere, anytime via the internet.

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