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The world is evolving, and so must technology. From local to state to the federal level, government systems must remain on the leading edge in order to best serve the needs of citizens and be global competitors. Of vital importance is the role of cybersecurity. From keeping citizen data to defense systems safe, the most important role of IT is maintaining government security at every level.

With a background in protecting the US Government’s high-risk data, we bring the same skills and expertise to your table. SorceTek Technology Group is always at the forefront of Cyber Security best practices and offers optimal protection to your business and data. We have the unique skills it takes to ensure data protection – and we know what to do if it’s compromised.


Remote Monitoring

Full access to your network so that issues can be resolved promptly no matter your location. Protect your IT infrastructure and keep it running smoothly with remote monitoring.

Active Threat Response

Detection and retaliation against an attack. With Active Threat Response take preemptive security actions, strengthen overall security, minimize risk of breach, identify bad actors, and minimize the chances of a secondary attack.

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Physical Security

Safeguarding hardware, software, networks, and data from physical harm and natural disaster. SorceTek offers layered solutions to keep personnel and your small business safe from physical harm.

Tyler does a great job of finding solutions to the problems that stall out or baffle the rest of the team.”

Cameron Stephens

VP of Business Transformation

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