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Prepare your team for threats

Phishing simulations protect your business by teaching your employees how to identify and report phishing attempts when they actually occur.

Phishing emails are one of the most widespread social engineering attacks used by cyber criminals. The attacker sends a fraudulent and deceptive message with the goal being financial gain, identity theft, garnering of sensitive information and/or installing malware. With these attacks continuously on the rise and becoming more sophisticated, phishing simulations are an effective tool for preparing your employees for this common real-world threat.


Most phishing emails are sent through email spam and are part of a bulk attack.

These messages pose as originating from a familiar and trusted entity such as a financial institution, email provider or streaming service. The intention is to trick the recipient into sharing data such as credit card numbers or login credentials. The recipient can even be fooled into clicking on malicious links that lead to malware installed onto the system and even greater security breaches.

Within phishing, there are several specific types such as spear phishing that targets specific employees, whale phishing that targets the c-suite, vishing that is done via phone calls and smishing that is executed through text messages

Why Invest in a Simulation?

// Hands-on real-world practice for common attacks

// Enhance employee cybersecurity confidence

// Build trust among all stakeholders

// Meet industry compliance expectations

// Asses degree of employee and organization vulnerabilities 

// Create a culture of cybersecurity


We partner with you to design the most realistic and beneficial simulation including the type of attack, who is attacked and when.

In order to design the most realistic simulation, we first gather information from open sources just as a cyber criminal would in preparing an actual attack. We choose what specific type or types of phishing attack to use depending on your needs.

Utilizing common phishing tactics such as posing as an authority, threat intimidation, urgency and others, we are able to successfully replicate any scenario.

The data and information gained from the simulation, including how your employees respond and report, is provided in a full report along with strategies on how to better prepare for a real attack.

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