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IT Services for Financial Industry

Following state and federal regulations, protecting assets, and facilitating transactions.



Financial information and services are more digitized and online than ever as customers demand speed and convenience. Reliable IT services for financial institutes are now more important than ever before.

You need trustworthy IT services for financial industry and IT support to secure the vast amounts of data you manage and ensure regulatory compliance. With a background in protecting the US Government’s high-risk data, we bring the same skills and expertise to your table. SorceTek Technology Group is always at the forefront of Cyber Security best practices and offers optimal protection to your business and data.

We have the unique skills it takes to ensure data protection – and we know what to do if it’s compromised.


Managed IT Services

Outsource your technology management to a reputable financial IT services provider in order to simplify operations and lower costs. We offer a complete range of Managed Services, from Data Backup and Recovery to IT Support and Cloud Management.

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Identity Management

IT services for financial industry include Identity Management, which allows you to control who can access your hardware and software via reliable authentication systems. These authentication systems include 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication), MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication), Token Authentication, Biometric Authentication, and more.

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Robotic Process Automation

Automate routine and repetitive processes with custom, specialized bots. If you and your employees are ready to pass on mundane tasks in order to focus on higher-level work, then RPA is the answer.

Reliable, Responsive, and Right. I trust THEM.

Shane Tunnell

Senior Consultant

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