The SorceTek Approach: Get IT Consulting Services

The SorceTek Approach: Get IT Consulting Services 


We believe every business is different and deserves a custom IT solution. Your IT stack should work for you and your business to increase productivity, protect vital data, and ultimately help you serve your customers.

Before we start, we’ll sit down together and discuss your unique pain points. After we have a clear understanding of your needs, we’ll make recommendations, and implement solutions. 

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Better Systems for Everyone

We’ll provide you with an IT roadmap that outlines how we’ll get you from where you are today to where you need to be in the future.

Once we start working towards that goal, we focus our efforts equally to three distinct aspects of a business system; the people that are intended to benefit from the system, the processes that are intended to be managed through the system, and the technology that is intended to automate the system.

Balance Support and Budget

Our goal is to help you find the best solutions at the best cost. Our managed services are provided at a set rate, making it easy for you to forecast your IT costs.

We’ll never sell you more than you need, and all our systems are designed to grow with you.


Choosing the right provider for your IT services shouldn’t be like rolling up your sleeve for an immunization.  Let’s make it painless:

>> Better Protection: We keep our finger on the pulse of cybersecurity in order to provide optimal protection for your business and data.

>> Reliable Partnerships: Our personal investment in your vision means we partner with you to ensure your tech helps to make it a reality.

>> Improved Productivity: Proper tech, training and support means your employees can focus on their own goals and expertise – instead of IT issues.

>> Increased Profitability: Maximum efficiency of your tech stack and workflow designs translates to a better bottom line.

Enterprise-Level Solutions

Other IT firms can’t offer true enterprise solutions at a price that makes sense for small businesses.

With partnerships with Microsoft, Amazon and Cisco, as well as access to secure phone and internet services, we’re able to scale big-business solutions to small businesses with incredible results.

Protect your Business

Most small businesses can’t survive even a week under attack – can yours?

With our background in protecting high-risk data for the US government, we have the unique skills it takes to ensure your data is protected – and we know what to do if it’s compromised.

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