Security Training | Get Cyber Security Awareness Training

Prevent attacks before they begin

Arm your workforce and stakeholders with knowledge in cybersecurity and IT best practices. They’ll learn how simply recognizing threats can prevent cyber attacks.

We train your users in a variety of topics with tailored simulations. Not only will they be aware of policies and procedures, but they also will be able to respond confidently to potential threats. Your workforce will have the best odds when targeted by real cyber criminals

Knowledge is Power

Your workforce’s comprehension of basic cybersecurity principles is your front line of defense. The knowledge alone helps protect your assets, data, and reputation. 

We can train everyone, including new hires, veteran employees, clients, contractors. or business partners. Our training is not limited by anyone’s knowledge, aptitude, or learning style. We utilize multiple methods, from structured lessons to role-playing exercises and impromptu simulations, all of which will give your workforce an edge against bad actors.

Cyber threats continually evolve. So do we. We’ll provide ongoing training as criminals find new methods of espionage.

A Trained Workforce Will:

// Protect digital systems from attacks 

// Respond to threats effectively

// Increase stakeholder morale

// Improve client confidence

// Report and analyze threats

// Prevent downtime

Social Engineering Simulation

Most cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error.

Social engineering attacks trick the user into giving away sensitive information. Attackers often pose as an authority figure or scare the user with a fake emergency. Our simulations mimic these and other scenarios so that your workforce won’t fall for them.

We tailor simulated attacks to your needs in order to test protocol compliance and your workforce’s awareness and response time. We can simulate phishing, spear phishing, whaling, and much more.

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