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IT Services for Engineering Firms

Powerful and secure technology solutions for even the most complex and ever-expanding engineering projects.



Engineering firms require substantial data storage and dependable communication. Data losses and connection outages can be disastrous for time-sensitive, intensely focused work. A trustworthy IT and cybersecurity infrastructure are imperative. SorceTek’s managed IT services for engineering firms allow you to position your engineering firm for success by providing you with all the necessary technology. Software, hardware, seamless internal and external communication, and access to cloud technologies.


Today’s engineers rely on specialized software systems such as Mathcad, CAD, Rhino, and more. We’re experienced with them and will assist and advise every step of the way to resolve all issues that you face.


To engineering firms, we provide IT procurement services to source the highest-performance systems to keep all your software, applications, and online/offline IT infrastructure running.


Our IT service for engineering firms also includes data backup and recovery services to ensure that your data is always secure and easily recoverable.



We ensure everything from operating systems to individual apps in your engineering firm is running at peak performance. If anything goes wrong, our lT support team will take care of the problem swiftly and completely.

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We mitigate threats and protect your assets with a prevention plan, which enables you to bounce back quickly from any possible breach. We also establish protocols and recovery systems against cyber-attacks or natural disasters.

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SorceTek’s managed IT services for engineering firms also include ransomware protection, we prevent and protect you from data theft, blackmail, beg bounty, and all such forms of ransomware.

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Tyler and his team quickly assessed the situation and had our IT problems cleared up within a few days.

Clifford Stewart


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