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The lifecycle of software is ongoing, so continuously modifying and updating your software is necessary for ensuring your operating systems and applications are running to the best of their ability at all times.

Between the evolving needs of your organization and changes in technology, software must be monitored and adjusted accordingly. Software maintenance is necessary for general use, enhancing features, reworking for future needs, moving to the Cloud and more. 


The first step is listening to your needs and goals. Once those are established, we evaluate your systems in order to learn what is and isn’t working.

A plan is developed and training begins as improved tools and processes are implemented. Throughout, communication with stakeholders is continuous as we evaluate in order to optimize processes, quality and user satisfaction.

Importance of Regular Maintenance

// Improved software performance

// Stabilized systems

// Proactive monitoring

// Reduced unpredictability

// Increased workflow and efficiency


There are four types of software maintenance that keep your systems on track:

Corrective software maintenance deals with repairing bugs, faults and errors as they arise.

Preventive software maintenance comprises making changes, adaptations and upgrades to avoid future problems, and also making the software easier to scale and manage in the long run.

Perfective software maintenance is all about listening to the needs of users, and adding new features and taking away ineffective ones accordingly.

Adaptive software maintenance involves adjusting the software to environmental changes such as the operating system, company policies or regulatory requirements. 

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