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Our Commitment

Sorcetek Technology Group is built on the commitment to making a positive impact for every client that we engage by taking complete responsibility for understanding the business challenges at hand and defining measurable goals to achieve through the deployment of business IT systems that improve the effectiveness and operational efficiency for that client.

two people looking at laptop discussing networking teamwork and IT services

Goal-Oriented Teamwork

When we set an IT goal, we work with your entire team to make sure we execute on time and with precision. We make sure every person on the team knows how to use the systems we put in place to maximize productivity and reduce stress.

Long-Term Partnerships

Reliable IT support that goes well beyond the initial set up is key to long-term success. We’re on the other end of the line when you need us – day in and day out.


Choosing the right provider for your IT services shouldn’t be like rolling up your sleeve for an immunization.  Let’s make it painless:

>>Loyal Customers: Every decision we make is made with our existing clients in mind. If it doesn’t enhance our relationships with our existing clients, we won’t do it.

>> Commitment to Excellence: We’re constantly asking, “Can we do this better?” and, “Is this the best solution?” We focus on high-quality output, and value employees who go the extra mile every day.

>> Taking Ownership: You will never hear us say “That’s not my job.” We highly value and reward who seek out and take ownership of those things that are sometimes hard to do.

>> Domain Expertise: We strive to be the most knowledgeable, experienced and skilled in our domain; providing excellent IT support and advice. The tech world changes fast, and we stay ahead of the game.

>> Integrity: All of the values listed above lose meaning and direction if not woven in the fabric of integrity. We strive for unmatched integrity in all we do.

“The very best service and knowledge on all IT infrastructure.”

Travis Best

Senior Storage Engineer