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Real-time defense

When it comes to cybersecurity, simultaneous offense and defense is key.

Rapid detection of threats means better odds at preventing a major breach and safeguarding your assets from exploitation. Skilled cyber criminals have been known to hide in networks for weeks or longer. As they sit in wait, changing, destroying or stealing valuable data while evading detection, no one may be none the wiser until it’s too late. A threat can turn into an absolute nightmare for a business if not stomped out quickly.

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Threat detection is active defense. Specialized technology is deployed to your entire networking system in order to track down any malicious behavior.

Detection must be rapid and efficient so that damage is either entirely avoided or mitigated. Both known and unknown threats are targeted by detection. The majority of threats are known threats, familiar tactics that have been used before and the technology put in place already knows how to fight. Unknown threats, on the other hand, are new and unfamiliar and might utilize new technologies or methods.

Thankfully, our threat intelligence and systems are prepared for either scenario, and will quickly kick into retaliation mode.

Why Invest in Active Threat Response?

// Allows preemptive action

// Strengthens overall security

// Minimizes risk of breach

// Identifies bad actors

// Minimizes loss

// Minimizes chance of secondary attack


Threat retaliation requires a rapid and intelligent offense by both people and technology. Just as important is preparedness.

Readiness in the face of an attack makes mitigating damage much more doable, leaving no one scrambling as to how to respond.

Retaliation includes shutting down the threat quickly so minimal if any damage is done, collecting and preserving the data so the threat can be analyzed and the bad actor identified, communicating and coordinating with employees effectively, and proactive measures put in place to prevent another threat from going too far.

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