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Keep information away from criminals

Some corners of the internet are more difficult to find, monitor and maneuver than others, but these are the places necessary to go in order to ensure your business isn’t at risk of being compromised.

A dark web audit searches the dark web for any of your company’s sensitive information. The dark web is a section of the internet not found through regular search engines. We have the tools and know-how needed in order to search, find and destroy potential threats to the integrity of your organization on the dark web

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The deep web is a vast portion of the internet that is not discoverable by everyday search engines such as Google. Going deeper, the dark web is a subsection of the deep web that is knowingly obfuscated in order for criminal activity to thrive.

This is where bad actors go to find all manner of illegal items, including illegally obtained private information from businesses. Identity theft, medical records, bank account access, credit card information, birth certificates and more are all traded for profit, resulting in damaging your customers, employees and organization.

This is the last place you want your data leaked.

Why Routine Audits?

// Avoid fraud

// Reduce attack surface

// Protect personal data

// Decrease chances of a breach

// Less time for criminals to exploit your information

// Prevent further leaks

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Security matters for everyone – and your data can be compromised at any time. Can your business bounce back?

Request your complimentary cybersecurity analysis and dark web audit. Our team will identify weak spots and make recommendations to protect your business.


Searching the dark web requires the anonymizing browser TOR, The Onion Router.

TOR hides the user’s identity on the dark web by encrypting data sent from a computer so that the user’s identity and location are hidden.

This is accomplished through layers, as the data from the point of origin computer is sent through a series of other computers around the world, building up layers of encryption like the layers of an onion. Every time data is sent or requested, TOR gives a different IP address.

Fortunately, we are TOR experts, which is essential for finding out if your organization is at risk on the dark web.

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