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IT Services for Small Business

From one small business to another, we’ve got your back. We provide technology, IT services for small business, and support that can keep up with your ambitions.



As a business owner, venturing into the business world should be about chasing your ambitions rather than navigating IT complexities. Entrust us with securing your future. Our tailored IT solutions will save you valuable time and reduce your IT expenditures, freeing you up to zero in on your business objectives and aspirations. 

Grasping the distinct requirements of your business is the bedrock of our strategy. The harsh reality is that 60% of small businesses fail due to IT challenges. We strive to rewrite that story. In one instance, we enabled small business owners to keep over $9,000 in their pockets by transitioning their data to a cloud-based system. We assist you in making smart resource allocations with an eye on the ever-evolving IT infrastructure and cybersecurity needs tied to your growth. 

Think of us as your IT GPS, navigating the dynamic technology landscape on your behalf. We delve into your industry, requirements, budget, and goals, developing a comprehensive IT strategy that includes everything from hardware and software selection to disaster recovery. 

Our comprehensive support services are meticulously designed to facilitate efficiency at every step of your business journey. In matters of security, compromise is not in our vocabulary. We stand firm in our commitment to shield you from potential security threats, ensuring your peace of mind. 



We design custom, resilient wired, wireless, and cloud-based networks that meet the specific needs of your small business. Our design ensures optimal network communication and provides enhanced security, improved performance, and minimal downtime. 

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Your IT procurement becomes effortless with our support. Leveraging our industry expertise and strong distributor relationships, we procure the best-in-class hardware, software, and cloud solutions, ensuring you receive maximum value from your IT investments. Experience heightened productivity, improved efficiency, and cost reduction as we refine your IT infrastructure to its best version. 

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Beyond identifying vulnerabilities, we execute comprehensive risk assessments covering network security, data protection, and application security. We go a step further to devise robust strategies that mitigate the identified risks, ensuring your business’s security and regulatory compliance and reducing the potential for data breaches. Your business’s safety is at the forefront of our mission. 

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How Small Businesses Benefit from Professional IT Services

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Boosted Productivity 

Armed with appropriate technology, infrastructure, and dedicated support, we free your team to focus on accelerating business growth. By proactively resolving server glitches, configuring new workstations, or troubleshooting software issues, we help you avoid costly downtime and lost productivity. Research shows that businesses can increase productivity by up to 40% through effective IT management, and we strive to deliver these results to our clients. 

Active Software and Hardware Maintenance 

The smooth operation of your business is our priority. We don’t merely maintain your software and hardware, but we actively ensure their optimal performance. This includes conducting regular system updates, applying critical security patches, replacing outdated components, and optimizing IT assets. A study by IDC showed that well-managed IT can reduce operational costs by up to 25%, and we’re here to help you achieve these savings. 

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Premier Network Cabling Services 

A robust and efficient network forms the backbone of your business. Whether it involves setting up structured cabling for a new office or upgrading your existing network infrastructure, our expert team is ready to help. We meticulously design, install, and manage network cabling to support data, voice, and video communications, ensuring your business stays connected and drives forward. According to a CompTIA study, companies using advanced network systems reported an average of 30% reduction in network downtime, illustrating the benefits of our superior service. 

Enhanced Cybersecurity Through Comprehensive Risk Management

Navigating the digital era calls for a comprehensive risk management approach. This strategic four-step process includes identifying specific risk management requirements, inspecting your assets for potential vulnerabilities, analyzing risks and their subsequent impacts, and prioritizing security measures. By incorporating this thorough strategy, your business can establish a robust line of defense against cyber threats. 

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Advanced Security Measures for Robust Protection

Utilize advanced solutions such as an Active Threat Response system, which fuses artificial intelligence with human expertise to detect and neutralize threats in real-time. Leverage Dark Web Audits to proactively scan for any compromised company data within the dark web. An Identity Management system is also deployed, incorporating methods like two-factor authentication, ensuring only validated and authorized users can access your systems. 

Employee Education and Cybersecurity Training

Your employees are an essential part of the cybersecurity chain. Benefit from a comprehensive Security Training program that enlightens your staff about critical security practices. Our Phishing Simulation programs also provide realistic scenarios to test and enhance their awareness of such threats. 

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Cutting Overhead Costs by Eliminating In-House IT Teams

Significant savings in time, effort, and money are achieved by eliminating the need for an in-house IT team. The need for hiring, training, and managing a specialized team is completely removed. This allows you to focus on your core business activities while enjoying the predictability of fixed monthly IT costs. 

Consistent IT Support and Efficient Operations

Enjoy consistent IT support with quick resolution times through a dedicated single point of contact. With timely upgrades to outdated equipment and the introduction of new technology, technical disruptions to your business operations are minimized. This ensures a smooth workflow, enabling your business to operate more efficiently while keeping overhead costs in check. 

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Modern Technology: The Key to Business Success

In an era of rapidly evolving business, embracing modern technology is non-negotiable. The right tech solutions can catalyze productivity, streamline operations, and bolster security, acting as the backbone for your business growth and competitiveness. 

IT procurement and crafting a robust network design is both intricate and time-consuming. That’s where our expertise comes into play. Our approach is more than just choosing the most economical or readily available solutions. We dig deep into your specific needs, gaining a detailed understanding of your operational strategies. From this insight, we evaluate potential IT products and services that perfectly align with your business requirements. 

But our commitment extends beyond procurement. We also design a bespoke technology infrastructure customized to anticipate and meet your needs. By circumventing one-size-fits-all solutions, we craft a network layout that considers your industry-specific requirements and the potential of efficiency-enhancing technologies. 

Statistics underline the power of modern technology, with businesses leveraging their potential and seeing up to a 16% increase in productivity. Collaborate with us and unlock this potential, propelling your business operations to new heights. Experience firsthand the transformative power of targeted, cutting-edge technology. Seize the opportunity to lead in your industry, reach out to us today! 

Fortifying Your Business: Data Protection and Rapid Recovery

Your enterprise’s information is more than a mere resource in our interconnected world. It’s the heartbeat of your daily activities. The safety of this information and its quick reinstatement, when needed, is crucial to prevent monetary setbacks, minimize interruptions, and safeguard your business reputation. We fortify your enterprise with customized, trustworthy data protection and recovery services designed for robustness and reliability. 

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Advanced Disaster Recovery: 

Our comprehensive Disaster Recovery solution secures your data and makes it easily restorable. It creates continuous backups, providing an infallible line of defense against unexpected data loss. In the face of a disaster, our system enables swift data recovery, reducing downtime and maintaining business continuity. 

Proactive Business Continuity Planning: 

Uncertainty doesn’t have to lead to business disruptions. We equip your business with proactive Continuity Planning that identifies potential risks, devises robust procedures to manage those risks, and carries out regular testing to ensure these procedures remain effective. 

In short, we bolster your business’s resilience, ensuring a swift recovery in the face of disruptions. This allows you to focus on your core operations, secure in the knowledge that your data is protected and poised for rapid restoration should the need arise. 

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Empowering Businesses with Cloud Services

Harnessing the power of cloud services can significantly enhance a business’s efficiency, productivity, and flexibility. Modern technology enables businesses to access many resources and services without requiring substantial hardware infrastructure. 

From seamless integration and optimization of cloud systems to ongoing tracking and monitoring, we provide comprehensive cloud services. These include effective management of storage usage and strategic approaches for cost control and optimization on platforms like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. 

Regarding Virtual Servers, we do more than offer guidance. We delve into your unique requirements and align the ideal virtualization type to your business’s specific needs – whether you’d benefit most from full virtualization, para-virtualization, or OS-level virtualization. 

For organizations contemplating Virtual Desktops, we offer informed recommendations on the optimal solution tailored to your needs – be it Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Desktop as a Service (DaaS), or Microsoft Remote Desktop Service (RDs).

Fostering Efficient Communication through Unified Solutions

Unified communication is an essential component in today’s digital business world. By offering enterprise-level setup and support for voice, video, chat, and communication services, we ensure seamless and efficient interaction between your team and customers. 

We employ platforms like Google Workspace to facilitate an intuitive, collaborative environment using the power of Google apps. Similarly, through Microsoft 365, we enable your team to collaborate effectively from any location using robust tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. We also provide services for Hosted Phone Systems to ensure complete and reliable communication across your organization. 

Research shows businesses leveraging unified communication solutions and cloud services will likely witness enhanced efficiency and productivity. Join the ranks of these successful businesses by adopting our expert-led, tailored services. 

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Selecting an ideal managed IT service provider for any size small business can be complex. It’s essential to look for specific attributes that demonstrate their suitability: 

Goal-Centric Collaboration, an ideal IT service provider for small businesses, sets clearly defined IT objectives and cooperates with your team to ensure precise and timely execution of tasks. Such a provider guarantees that each team member understands how to use the newly implemented systems, boosting productivity and minimizing stress. 

Affordable and Quality Support

A competent IT support services provider assists in finding top-tier solutions that suit your budget. Offering managed services at a predictable, fixed rate allows you to anticipate your expenses. These providers prioritize your needs, selling only what benefits you and designing systems to grow your business. 

Customer Loyalty 

Every business decision a reputable IT service provider makes is formulated considering your existing clients. If any decision doesn’t fortify your relationships with existing clients, they will either delay or dismiss it entirely. 

Unwavering Commitment to Excellence 

High-quality IT service providers perpetually question, “Can we improve?” and “Is this the best solution?” They emphasize producing high-quality results and appreciate employees who consistently exceed expectations. 

Industry Proficiency

Top-tier IT service providers prioritize staying current, skilled, and experienced to offer exceptional IT support and advice. As the tech world rapidly evolves, they remain at the forefront. 

Trustworthy Partnerships

Effective IT service providers invest in your vision, partnering with you to ensure a well-organized IT infrastructure that enables your vision to flourish. 


Our commitment at SorceTek is centered around making a profound and beneficial impact on every client, which starts with gaining an in-depth understanding of your distinct business challenges. Capitalizing on an extensive professional journey of over 25 years, our seasoned team is adept at catering to the integral IT needs of organizations across a broad spectrum, whether burgeoning startups or mature enterprises. 

Our expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of IT services, featuring crucial elements such as IT Management and Support, safeguarding Information and Network Security, implementing Cloud Services, and developing bespoke software solutions. 

In our pursuit of providing the best IT solutions, we acknowledge that every business has unique requirements. Consequently, we advocate for personalized IT solutions tailored to your needs. We engage in comprehensive discussions about your unique challenges. Once we clearly understand your situation, we provide informed recommendations and deploy efficient solutions to mitigate these challenges. 

“The very best service and knowledge on all IT infrastructure.”

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