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IT Services for Law Firms

Keeping DFW legal teams compliant and secure against cyber attacks. Providing reliable IT professionals and IT services for law firms to help maintain a reliable legal workflow.



A law firm’s IT infrastructure must ensure attorney-client privilege and safeguard private information. To law firms, SorceTek provides managed IT services for law firms with the help of its technology team. SorceTek also offers law firm IT tech security services to law firms in order to provide a stable and effective cybersecurity program that constantly monitors for potential breaches.

Our cybersecurity experts, specializing in law firm IT services, will dramatically reduce the likelihood of an attack. In the unlikely event, an attack gets through, we’ll contain and mitigate the damage to minimize fallout. We will shield your systems and data with best-in-class law firm IT services and solutions to give you and your clients peace of mind.

SorceTek’s managed IT services for law firms include IT Management, Monitoring, Incident Response, IT Consulting, Regulatory Compliance, specific law firm IT tech security services, and more.


Virtual Servers

With SorceTek’s managed IT services for law firms, share hardware and software with other systems to keep your IT costs lower. Virtual servers also allow you to access your office systems from any other machine all over the globe no matter where you are. With our law firm IT services, you can take your office anywhere using virtual servers.

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Hosted Voip

Hosted VOIP is among the most essential IT services for law firms. With Hosted VOIP you can access and use your office phone anywhere, anytime via the internet. Turn your personal computer or cellphone into a full-fledged office device with Hosted VOIP.

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Security Training

SorceTeks law firm IT tech security services also include the service of training your workforce in security awareness to minimize risk. No matter how secure a system is, it can only be as strong as its weakest link, and in cybersecurity, the weakest link is often the users of the system. We understand this and train your workforce in the highest level of cybersecurity standard practices.

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“For years, Tyler has effectively delivered the IT advice and services our growing law firm needs, at competitive rates.”

Elise Healy

Managing Director

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