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SorceTek’s expertise in cloud-based software suite, Microsoft 365, means you and your team will quickly be able to connect and work from anywhere.

Storage capabilities, strong security, user-friendly applications and affordable options means Microsoft 365 can benefit businesses of any size.

It comes equipped with many familiar Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, including their desktop versions. Microsoft 365 is also known for feature-rich applications.

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While the majority of the time will be spent working in the cloud, there are situations when having a desktop option is beneficial.

With the full versions of all programs installed directly on your computer by our experts, working offline opens up new possibilities.

Many businesses still create documents locally, so having both options means formatting is never an issue. Plus, this means more workflow flexibility and easier off-line editing.


// Expand access from anywhere

// Increase collaboration and communication

// Boost security with top-notch safety measures

// Improve spending flexibility and predictability

// Unlimited storage and file sharing


Bells and whistles can be nice, and Microsoft 365 is known for its sophistication when it comes to features within its applications.

Complicated number crunching in Excel, Smart-Art capabilities in Word and exciting animation for your next PowerPoint presentation are just a click away.

Additionally, communication and collaboration within and outside of your team is a breeze with Outlook, Teams and Yammer.

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