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SorceTek can get you up and running with Google Workspace, the popular cloud-based file sharing system, in no time.

Offering administrative control, unlimited storage, robust security and customization means any size business benefits. Plus, Gmail and Google Drive are familiar territory for most users, making the transition to Google Workspace an almost seamless process.

Google’s focus on heightening connection and collaboration are important to consider when deciding what unified communications system makes the most sense for your team.

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Google Workspace offers numerous ways to connect and communicate. Gmail through Workspace means upgrades to an already reliable system. Administrators can control and secure enterprise-level email without maintaining an email server.

Gmail also includes professional, branded email and gives users the ability to chat and make voice and video calls.

Further, Google Workspace offers secure and in-transit encrypted Meet for video conferencing. Chat and Spaces gives users easy communication options and the option to organize by topic.


// Increase administrative control

// Ensure accessibility from anywhere

// Maintain enterprise-level security

// Stay on-brand

// Unlimited storage and file sharing


Google Workspace has the tools to help your team work together effectively.

Docs, Sheets and Slides are co-edited in real-time without version control, offering the ability to quickly build on one another’s ideas and add comments.

Collaborating in real-time means whether working in the office or remotely, everyone is on the same page. This is the same for Sites, where teams can work concurrently to create engaging and impactful websites.

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