Prevent attacks before they begin

Arming your employees and other stakeholders with knowledge regarding cybersecurity, IT best practices and how to recognize threats is one of the best tools for preventing a cyber attack.

We provide comprehensive instruction on a variety of topics so that all digital users are not only aware of company policies and procedures, but can respond accordingly and with confidence when faced with a potential threat. Furthermore, our tailored simulations ensure that you and your stakeholders are given the best odds when it comes to attempts by real cyber criminals. 

Knowledge is Power

Educating your employees and users about security is of the utmost importance when it comes to protecting your company’s assets, data and reputation.

From new employees to seasoned veterans of your organization, clients, contractors and business partners, we make sure to reach everyone regardless of their background knowledge, technical aptitude and particular learning style. Utilizing everything from structured lessons to role-playing to unannounced simulations will give you and your employees an edge against bad actors.

Furthermore, we are able to provide ongoing training for your organization because cyber criminals are always finding new ways to sabotage systems.

Why Security Training?

// Protection from attacks on digital systems

// Ensure proper response to threats

// Increase morale among all stakeholders

// Improve client confidence

// Provide reporting analysis to better security

// Prevent downtime

Social Engineering Simulation

Unfortunately human error is the root cause of most incidents. Social Engineering attacks are intended to trick the user into giving away sensitive information, usually with the goal of financial gain.

Potential tactics utilized by cyber criminals are threats, posing as an authority, urgency and others. An important weapon in ensuring none of these scenarios actually succeed is through unexpected simulations for your team.

By mimicking an attack, we are able to analyze awareness, protocol adherence and overall response of all users. We tailor an attack to fit your needs and can accommodate phishing, spear phishing, whaling and more. 

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