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Is Your Medical Practice Prepared for a Cyber Attack?

By Mandra Gurthet

It only took one click.


Dr. Amanda Wilson was running late for her first patient appointment when an email popped up claiming there was an issue processing recent insurance claims. Preoccupied with the backlog of patients, she clicked the link to “resolve the matter.” In seconds, her screen froze.


A chilling message appeared demanding $8,000 in bitcoin to unlock the practice’s files and computer systems. She realized with horror it was a ransomware attack. Years of patient records, appointment schedules, and financial data would be destroyed if the ransom wasn’t paid.


Within hours, the thriving practice Amanda had built over decades was essentially shut down. Patients showed up for appointments only to find locked doors. Some never returned after the data breach became public.


Amanda’s story is far too common…


The healthcare industry saw a 25% increase in data breaches in 2020, with nearly half involving ransomware attacks. Unfortunately, 71% of ransomware attacks target small and medium sized practices who often lack resources to defend themselves. SorceTek helps safeguard Dallas area practices against these threats.


Don’t Assume You’re Too Small to be a Target


While major hospitals grab headlines, small and mid-sized practices are more vulnerable. With limited IT budgets and staff, hackers see easy prey. A retired Michigan practice was forced out of business after refusing a $6,500 ransom demand erased all patient records.


Train Staff to Identify and Avoid Phishing Scams 

Is Your Medical Practice Prepared for a Cyber Attack?

Phishing remains a top cyber threat facing medical practices. These scam emails pretend to be from legitimate sources in order to trick users into:


  • Clicking on links that download malware
  • Opening malicious attachments
  • Revealing sensitive information like passwords

Watch out for telltale signs of phishing attempts:

  • Generic greetings like “Dear sir or madam” instead of using your name
  • Mismatched email addresses (e.g.
  • Claims of account suspensions or log-in issues
  • Requests to validate personal/financial information
  • Keep all software patched and updated across devices to close security holes. Enable multi-factor authentication wherever possible to prevent unauthorized access.


Respond Decisively to Ransomware Attacks


If ransomware infiltration is suspected, medical practices should:


  • Immediately isolate affected devices by disconnecting from the network
  • Restore data access from routine backups stored offline
  • Contact patients to provide breach notifications
  • Bring in specialized IT help to conduct forensics and prevent reinfection
  • Additionally, document the incident thoroughly per insurance/legal protocols.


The Benefits of Partnering with SorceTek


SorceTek delivers enterprise-grade security tailored to the unique needs and tight budgets of Dallas medical practices. Our cyber security services include:


  • Initial security gap assessment & policy development
  • Ongoing staff training around top threats like phishing
  • Multi-layered protection against malware/ransomware
  • Encrypted backup solutions with swift restoration ability
  • Custom incident response plans for your practice

We act as your fully-staffed IT department, with cyber advisors providing constant system monitoring, threat updates, and technology improvements.


Contact us today to discuss securing your practice before an attack disrupts critical healthcare operations.

Cyber threats are rapidly growing more sophisticated. Medical practices must take proactive security measures and partner with specialized IT providers. SorceTek helps Dallas area practices defend against attacks, avoid costly downtime and disruption, and focus on delivering excellent patient care. Contact us today for a free security assessment. Defend your practice before disaster strikes. Our patients are counting on all of us.