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The world is evolving, and so must technology. From local to state to the federal level, government systems must remain on the leading edge in order to best serve the needs of citizens and be global competitors. Of vital importance is the role of cybersecurity. From keeping citizen data to defense systems safe, the most important role of IT is maintaining government security at every level.

With a background in protecting the US Government’s high-risk data, we bring the same skills and expertise to your table. SorceTek Technology Group is always at the forefront of Cyber Security best practices and offers optimal protection to your business and data. We have the unique skills it takes to ensure data protection – and we know what to do if it’s compromised.


Remote Monitoring

Full access to your network so that issues can be resolved promptly no matter your location. Protect your IT infrastructure and keep it running smoothly with remote monitoring.

Active Threat Response

Detection and retaliation against an attack. With Active Threat Response take preemptive security actions, strengthen overall security, minimize risk of breach, identify bad actors, and minimize the chances of a secondary attack.

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Physical Security

Safeguarding hardware, software, networks, and data from physical harm and natural disaster. SorceTek offers layered solutions to keep personnel and your small business safe from physical harm.


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Enhanced Business Efficiency

Managed IT service providers arm you with the technology, infrastructure, training, and support to ensure that you and your employees can focus on company goals – instead of scratching your heads trying to resolve and mitigate IT issues.

Software Maintenance and Hardware Maintenance are ongoing processes, IT service providers continuously modify and update your software and hardware to ensure your operating systems, network hardware, and applications are running to the best of their ability at all times.

They also offer Network Cabling services to establish the best network and infrastructure with just the right connections.

Detection and Defence Against Cyber Threats

Government agencies are one of the biggest targets of cyber criminals. DDoS, MITM, and Phishing attacks are just a few examples of cyber threats that can bring down an entire agency. Thus, it is important to procure professional IT services for the application of all possible safety, security, and thread detection measures and mechanisms in order to defend yourself from cyber threats.

Benefits of having IT services for government agencies also include Active Threat Response for detection and retaliation against an attack, Dark Web Audits for tracking down any compromising company information, and Identity Management for authenticating and authorizing users before allowing them any form of access.

A few other cyber security services that managed IT service providers offer include Security Training to arm your workforce with knowledge of security best practices, Ransomware Protection to prevent malicious attacks and potential blackmail, and Phishing Simulation to provide realistic exercises in order to increase awareness and the understanding of such threats.

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Operational Cost Control

A Managed IT service provider greatly reduces your overhead costs by saving you the time, effort, and spending on hiring, training, and managing an in-house IT team. IT service providers take IT off your hands and offer you a predictable monthly IT cost so that you can focus on your business. With a managed IT service provider you only have a single point of contact for IT support and all your technology needs, a point of contact that always provides consistent support and a fast resolution time.

They also reduce technical disruptions to your business by timely upgrading old equipment and introducing new technology.

Up-to-date Technology

One of the most important investments for your business is IT Procurement. Procuring the right IT products and services can be both time-consuming and stressful, and simply buying the cheapest items available is no way to protect you and your business. Let a reputable managed IT services provider take care of IT procurement, and save your time and energy for other aspects of your business that require your attention.

IT services for government agencies providers also create and implement a Network Design that securely and efficiently meets your needs. Rather than just piecing together something basic, they customize your technology infrastructure by tailoring solutions to fit your industry and organization’s specific requirements.

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Data Safeguard

IT services for government agencies include Disaster Recovery to ensure that your data is backed up, secure, and restorable, Continuity Planning to mitigate threats, protect assets, and quickly get you back online.

Cloud Computing

Managed IT service providers offer a wide range of cloud services for Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services including cloud integration and optimization, continuous tracking and monitoring, storage management and usage, cost control, and cost optimization. 

When it comes to setting up Virtual Servers, they guide your organization in deciding whether you need full virtualization, para-virtualization, or OS-level virtualization.

If you want to set up Virtual Desktops, they also offer consultancy regarding whether you need Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Desktop as a Service (DaaS), or Microsoft Remote Desktop Service (RDs), according to your use case.

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Unified Communication

IT services for government agencies provider helps offer enterprise-level voice, video, chat, and communication services setup and support to make sure that your team and your customers are able to communicate with ease.

They utilize Google Workspace to provide you with user-friendly connection and teamwork with the help of Google apps, and Microsoft 365 which allows you to collaborate from anywhere with tools such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and more. IT services for government agencies also includes Hosted Phone Systems


When choosing a provider of IT services for government agencies, make sure that the provider upholds the following principles:

Goal-Oriented Teamwork

IT service providers set an IT goal and work with your entire team to make sure that they execute the tasks on time and with precision. They make sure that every person on the team knows how to use the systems they put in place in order to maximize productivity and reduce stress.

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A Balanced Support and Budget

IT services providers help you find the best solutions at the most affordable cost. They provide managed services at a fixed rate, making it easy for you to forecast your spending. They never sell you more than what you need, and all their systems are designed to grow with you.

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Long-Term Partnerships

The provider of IT services offers reliable IT support that goes well beyond the initial setup, which is the key to long-term success. They are always on the other end of the line whenever you need them – day in and day out.

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Every business decision that an IT services provider make is made with your existing clients in mind. If their business decision doesn’t enhance your relationships with your existing clients, they won’t do it.

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Commitment to Excellence

They are constantly asking themselves, “Can we do this better?” and, “Is this the best solution?” They focus on high-quality output, and value employees who go the extra mile every day.

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Domain Expertise

They strive to be the most knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled in their domain in order to provide excellent IT support and advice. The tech world changes fast, and they always stay ahead of the game.

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Reliable Partnerships

They invest themselves in your vision, which means they partner with you to ensure that your IT infrastructure is always in order so that your vision can take flight.

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Built on the commitment to make a positive impact for every client, SorceTek Technology Group takes full responsibility for understanding your business challenges. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, SorceTek’s team provides critical IT needs for small, medium, and enterprise businesses. 

From keeping citizen data to defense systems safe, the most important role of IT is maintaining government security at every level. We will do everything to ensure the integrity of your systems while providing maximum protection.

SorceTek Technology Group specializes in IT Management and IT Support, Information and Network Security, Cloud Services, and Software Development.

We believe every business is different and deserves a custom IT solution. Before we start anything, we sit down with our clients and discuss their unique pain points. After we have a clear understanding of the situation, we make recommendations and implement solutions.

Tyler does a great job of finding solutions to the problems that stall out or baffle the rest of the team.”

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