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Disaster recovery is the process of how IT infrastructure is restored to functionality after a cyber attack or other disaster.

Disaster recovery usually depends on an off-site storage facility or cloud-based storage system that has backed up all data and processes. In this way, a business can transfer to this second site to facilitate business continuity. Our data recovery solutions mean a quick return to “business as usual” as we restore access to data, networks and applications.


Ironically, the most important part of disaster recovery is prevention.

We first help identify and address any potential risks to your systems from identifying your optimal backup solutions, to proper climate-control of your facilities.

Stopping a disaster from ever occurring is ideal, but between accidental deletion of files, security breaches and weather disasters – anything can happen.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

// Save accidentaly deleted files

// Minimize recovery time and work delays

// Store data and files securely

// Prevent costly legal liability 

// Decrease downtime

// Make a sound investment in your future


For your business to thrive, it is of the utmost importance to keep your organization’s IT infrastructure, information and data well-protected.

Data backup and recovery systems work in tandem and offer better restoration after a system failure.

Data backup alone cannot protect and recover your information in a disaster, so having a recovery system is imperative. Disaster recovery systems and processes require customization as organizations and industries will have specific needs.

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