Ransomware, malware, phishing, DDos, social engineering and security breaches are dangerous to a company’s integrity and reputation.

Ascertaining security needs and potential vulnerabilities in order to provide paramount protection is critical. Keeping your data and your clients’ data safe is of the utmost importance.

Rest assured that we diligently keep informed of the latest threats in order to prepare for anything to come. If an attack occurs, we quickly get you back up and running with as little damage as possible.



Save time and sanity when your technology stack just works.


Being in compliance with industry security protocols goes beyond a legal responsibility - it keeps your business thriving.


Security you can count on to keep your data safe from online threats.


Attacks happen every day - we mitigate downtime by ensuring we can swiftly recover your data.

REQUEST A __________


Security matters for everyone – and your data can be compromised at any time. Can your business bounce back?

Reach out today for a complimentary cyber security analysis. Our team will identify weak spots and make recommendations to protect your business.

Cyber Security ______


Make sure your business is protected from online threats.

Risk Assessments

Outsourced technology management to simplify operations and lower costs.

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Active Threat Response

Detection and retaliation against an attack.

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Dark Web Audits

Tracking down any compromising company information on hidden websites.

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Identity Management

Authenticating and authorizing users before allowing access.

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Security Training

Threat awareness instruction for employees in order to minimize risk.

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Ransomware Protection

Prevents malicious attacks and potential blackmail.

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Phishing Simulation

Realistic employee exercises to increase awareness and understanding of threats.

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Disaster Recovery

Ensures that your data is backed up, secure and restorable.

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HIPAA Compliance

Technological requirements to keep your patients and practice protected.

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Top 5 Cyber Security Risks for Law Firms

Top 5 Cyber Security Risks for Law Firms

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5 Ways to Beef Up Your Team’s Cybersecurity Game

5 Ways to Beef Up Your Team’s Cybersecurity Game

Staying ahead of cyber criminals through sound cybersecurity measures is imperative for today’s small business owners. If you’re operating without proper safeguards on your technology systems, you may as well just leave your...

The Most Common Cyber Security Gaps in Small Businesses

The Most Common Cyber Security Gaps in Small Businesses

What are Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities? Whatever size your business, cyber criminals love to find flaws in your systems to exploit. In fact, small businesses are usually more at risk because they generally don’t have the time, staff and resources of a larger company....

Request a Cyber Security Analysis

Has your team's data has been compromised?

Our complimentary dark web analysis will identify any immediate threats to your business and provide you with an exhaustive playbook for keeping your data safe. You will receive results via email in 48 hours.