Identity management

Identity management is an integral part of security that encompasses the identification, authentication, and authorization of users.

Defining a user’s roles, permissions and groups are key aspects in granting or preventing access to the specific applications, software and hardware of your organization. Identity management controls who has access to what resources and data, the devices they have access to and the circumstances under which they have access. 


Our world operates with the digital transfer of information. This means identity management systems must be in place for an organization’s partners, contractors and clients – not just its employees.

This is vital to the safeguarding of all transmitted and stored data, and to staying in compliance with regulatory and governance mandates.

Once an individual’s identity is created, it can be managed, modified and tracked. Administrators are now able to change each user’s access, monitor activities, generate reports and enforce policies. Additionally, IM systems are necessary for allowing users to work safely from home, at the office or on the road.

Why Identity Management?

// Prevent unauthorized access

// Alerts on unauthorized access

// Protection from compromised passwords

// Streamlined onboarding and offboarding

// Additional layers of protection

// Increased consistency


The most important aspect of identity management is user authentication. There are 3 common types for small businesses:

With single sign-on (SSO), one set of login credentials (username and password) is entered only once, and results in access to multiple applications. SSO is seamless and increases productivity.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) requires a username and two or more identifying credentials in order to access applications, such as a password and temporary code, adding an extra layer of security.

Risk-based authentication is when an MFA system is put in place when a potential threat is detected, enhancing security.

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